ZSH Scrolling not working



Building upon: https://community.c9.io/t/using-a-custom-shell-zsh/

You guys at C9 don’t use oh-my-ZSH :question: (38.5k stars on GitHub)

What do you use then? Have you tired it before, it’s really useful. I’m using the bureau theme right now in my EC2s:

There are countless themes and each are very useful or just pretty in their own ways. You guys should try it! :keyboard: :wink: :thumbsup:

I’m all happy using ZSH in my C9 SSH Workspace and then I need to scroll up and I can’t (unless I exit zsh first) :disappointed:.

+1 on the touch scrolling in the terminal though :point_up::smiley:.


mouse scroll in zsh terminal is not working