Your workspace is in Read-Only mode because your account has ran out of quota


Your workspace is in Read-Only mode because your account has ran out of quota…

My account is messed up. It has been fine forever and I haven’t added any significant resources lately. I am blocked from work which is a huge problem for me. What can be done to resolve this? – Upgrading the account should not be required IMHO


Cloud 9 Your workspace is in Read-Only Mode

We’ve recently enabled read-only workspaces for users that don’t have access to premium resources anymore (aren’t paying, cancelled plan, etc). We did this so we can restrict access to users without having to delete code, that way everyone’s code can stay safe even if they’re not premium :thumbsup:

With that, there are two potential causes for the issue you’re seeing:

  1. We are incorrectly counting SSH workspaces as premium workspaces, therefore potentially preventing you from creating/accessing premium, private, or SSH workspace that your plan allows for.
  2. While we momentarily (and mistakenly) stopped enforcing the RAM limit that your plan includes, we now enforce that again, so you can’t resize workspaces to have more than is allotted on your plan. If you already have workspaces that violate your plan limits, you’ll be locked out of those.

To give us some time to fix point 1 and you some time to fix point 2, reach out to us via support available to premium users at and we’ll give you a week trial on the unlimited plan (after verifying the situation). Within that time period, we should have the quota issues worked out and you’ll be able to go back to your normal plan then.

Note: During this trial period, you’ll be able to boost workspaces to have more RAM. Be very careful with this because if you decide to remain on your current legacy plan when the trial expires then you’ll be locked out of those workspaces since they’re using more RAM than you have on your plan. Then you’ll have to signup for premium :wink:


I have this problem but I am on the free plan so I can’t use the premium support feature to reach out to you. I have never made changes to my account and never increased my resources but now I can’t access my account.

edit: It says I am over quota but I haven’t opened my workspace more than once or twice in the past six months.

It is unclear to me how to unblock my account. Any help would be appreciated


Update: This was not a performance quota issue, it was because I had two old ftp workspaces that were no longer permitted under the free account. Removing these workspaces unlocked my account.


I hope this doesn’t mean that the workspaces I created in January and February of this year when the free limits were higher won’t suddenly cause my workspaces to be read-only just because I don’t pay. That would seem unfair from my viewpoint and last I checked, I can’t use the resize function to even shrink the spaces.

One shouldn’t be forced to pay to use resources that was once free. Especially when the new limits was silently applied without notifying users.


Just to follow up on this and close the loop, here’s a full explanation of the situation. If you have any further questions then feel free to ask them here and then I can update that to be the reference we go off of.

Thanks for your questions and sorry about the confusing situation.


I have two wirkspaces that are read only and the rest are not. What do i do to fix them?


Please contact so we can look into your account specifically from there.