Your code to check for valid email syntax is incorrect


I was sent an invite. I followed the link. And says my email address is incorrect. It isn’t incorrect, as I just received the email invite.

If I use a different email address to create my account, I assume I will not be able to join that community. Is this correct?

I had to use an email address which you “like” to create this account. The email address which you don’t like is of the form

Would love to be able to use your site.



The team I needed to join sent me another invite, using a different email address. So all set on that angle. Thanks.


Our email validation checks that the domain you entered has valid MX records. are there MX records setup for your subdomain so it can receive email? If not how do emails get to you correctly? I’m not too experienced with MX records but I didn’t think you could receive email without them setup on your domain.

The community forums and website are completely different databases as the forums are hosted by discourse, so you can use a different email for each.


I was sent an invite, I followed the link and “development-” was preloaded, and gave the message of
"invalid email". So I was not able to create the account.
The email works, as that is how i got the invite. I don’t know what MX
records are. (Don’t really care.)
Most likely the code which does the regex is too restrictive. Or that
would be my first guess.


Ah it looks like the domain is blocked because it’s a free forwarding service and we’ve had malicious users sign up with it previously.

It seems we don’t do email validation for invites which is how you got stuck in this weird state. We’ll fix that.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.