Would I violate TOS if I hosted my website on Cloud9?


The title says it, basically I can’t afford buying a VPS in the mean time, is it okay if I just use Cloud9 to host my website? and perhaps keep the instance running by connecting to the instance every now and then?

By the way, I’d add a CNAME record for some free domain I got.


Cloud9 is only for code development purposes.


No ad but amazon aws offers you a small vm free for one year and namecheap is selling xyz domains for around 19cents


Cloud9 is a development platform, it is not recommended for hosting for extended periods. Use a dedicated webhost for that. If hosting a static site, you can use github and just purchase a domain to run it on or their own. user.github.io.

C9 workspaces shutdown after a few hours to prevent this sort of thing.


Hmmm, got it, okay thanks everyone.