Would Cloud 9 Fit My Application


I am running a wholesale business using sage 50 quantum 5 user and am opening a second branch. I want to be able to have real time invoicing from both locations using one inventory. Is Cloud nine the right application. If so how do I go about getting setup?


Sounds like you want to host. The answer to that is nope.


Elaborating on this, Cloud9 is a development service in the cloud, with a simple Docker container that you can work inside. If you want to host an application, Cloud9 is not for you, please find a hosting service. If you attempt to host on Cloud9, they may delete your workspace or even deactivate your account.


Thank you can you give me any guidance to who would be a host. I will be operating sage 50 with my inventory and business and then invoicing from 2 locations at the same time. Sage includes cloud use for 1 operator at a time but that is not practical for our application. VPN has been suggested but I do not have a tech to do that. Someone else suggested using a cloud service.