Workspaces inaccessible - "Disconnected: Could not reach your workspace. Please try again later."


At the moment, some workspaces will not open. We’re currently investigating which users and regions this affects. If you’re having issues then please report it in this thread Workspace inaccessible.

Can't login to workspace
Error - Disconnected: Could not reach your workspace. Please try again later

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Hi, my cloud9 username is aniljaiswal. I accidentally closed the workspace and since then I’m not able to access it. In the Chrome Dev Tools, the status is 401. I tried incognito mode, different browser but nothing works. I even tried to change my password but on resetting the password, the page displays Password Link expired error.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.




To report that, and these are our accounts. Please check asap.



To whom it may concern,

First of all, thank you for all the support you’ve given us for the good cause.

Currently, I cannot access C9 at the moment.

I get this error message:
'Disconnected: Could not reach your workspace. Please try again later.'
any ideas?

I would highly appreciate your response.

Your sincerely,



What is your Cloud9 username and project name?

Regards, Tim



I also get this error message: Disconnected: Could not reach your workspace. Please try again later.

username: shamimmoeen
project name: cherie-combs



My project name is
also my username is project42da


I have this problem, too.
My Username: kienhg96
My Workspace name: expressjs



I’m experiencing this as well.

username: Warvstar
Workspace: DevEnv

edit: all of my workspaces are displaying the same error.


Hi, I am getting a 401 error as well.

username: shoumei094



Same problem


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This issue should now be resolved. If you see this again, please open up a new topic.

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