Workspace's disk space is full (5GB), but "ncdu" on "/home/ubuntu" shows total usage of 2.16GB – where are the other 3GB?



According to Workspace (/lowryder/oanstein) info the Disk is almost full (5GB), but I can’t find some 3GB of data


I followed these steps: How do I clear up disk space after it's full?

Where are the other 3GB?


I didn’t know that I could go below /home level, but apparently it’s possible …
Was able to detect and remove some files in /user.

I did this error as well: Full disk after apt-get upgrade
My new question:


You have full write access to a majority of the filesystem in your workspace under /, including access to the root user. There are very few files that we restrict to read-only access in order for your workspace to function correctly.

ncdu -x / should give you better results :smiley:.