Workspace with C++ 14 support


I created a C++ workspace on cloud9. The available compiler is gcc 4.8.4 which supports C++ 11 but not C++ 14. I would like to have a gcc 5.x compiler which supports C++ 14…


I am in the same boat with you. I need gcc 5.3.x or superior. Thing is, Ubuntu (the current C9 VM OS) does not provide it now and will not provide it in the near future, the main problem being C++ growing faster than the Debian releases.
On the other side of the street, Fedora have it going and it is providing gcc 5.3.1 as of today, plus the Fedora releases have been on top of the gcc changes with only a few months delays.
I remember C9 use to allow CentOS as an alternative VM, but now there is only Ubuntu.

Can you please let us choose Fedora as VM ?
(they even provide cloud ready instances )