Workspace timeout


This is the URLs
I wish I had downloaded my code recently… I can’t see any files now, just looping circle loading indicators.

This the error message I see on the preview pane:
{"error":{"code":500,"hostname":"newclient-gce-usw-134-prod","scope":"preview","message":"connect ETIMEDOUT"}}


I am having the same problem. Workspace is :

Please help, thanks.


same problem for me - only one workspace is timing out on load


tried to clone the problem workspace but its hanging on the “copying files from parent workspace” step


Same here. I just want my files so I can keep coding locally :frowning: I hope I don’t lose them.


Same here. These words are extraneous and used solely to get over the 20 character limit.


appears to be resolved for me now


Yep it’s back for me too!