Workspace stuck on "Prepare for Download / Migrate"


I clicked the button to prepare my workspace for migration to AWS Cloud9 about six hours ago, and it’s still preparing. How long does this take? I’m a little worried because this is my second attempt; the first completed successfully, but I had to abort the upload to the new AWS platform.

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How do i stop "Prepare to Download / Migrate"?
How to migrate to AWS Cloud9 (video)

Hi @wrycoder,

Sorry about the issues here. It shouldn’t take long at all, however, sometimes workspaces get into a weird state and need a bit of a push on our end :slight_smile: . Could you reach out at with the workspace name and we’ll try to get the migration moving along asap.


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Hmmm, I’m 4 days in, and still stuck on the spinning gear. Should I send an email, or wait?

I have 3 workspaces, and none are allowing me to download, or access.

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Mutahhir’s suggestion was the right one. I got help right away. The workspace has now been transferred.



Hi @silverspur,

The export should be done in a matter of minutes (depending on the size of your workspace), so if it seems like it’s stuck for a few hours, please reach out to support ASAP and we’ll get you unstuck.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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No problem. These things happen.




One of my workspaces is also stuck. I sent an email to support this morning and haven’t heard back yet @mutahhir



Another option to unstuck yourself if you have workspace in “Prepare” state is to open IDE for this workspace.

The link is like<workspace_name>
For example,

After IDE loads you can go back to Dashboard and start the process again and it should be finished in not more than an hour ( for me it took from 1 to 10 minutes).