Workspace stuck in the "Archiving state" with migration note



I am unable to login to my work space as it is stuck in archiving state for long. When I saw the console logs, I found following errors (and also failed POST requests) with status 428 (pre condition required). Please let me know if anything has to be done from my side to fix this bug.

Excerpt of logs:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 428 (Precondition Required)
POST 428 (Precondition Required)


More details on workspace: The workspace RAM is 2.5 GB and disk space of 9GB. All my other workspaces is working, so is this because of the high space and ram issue? Are there not enough containers for migrations?


I’m having the same problem, the whole day


Same problem for me with a 2.5GB RAM and 10GB disk workspace - although an identical workspace did migrate with no problem.