Workspace Stuck in "Archiving" Status



I have been unable to access my workspace for over a week, as I receive a message that says “Archiving your workspace”. Further, I upgraded to premium so that I would hopefully get access to my workspace or at least get the premium support… however, I now see the message “we’re migrating your premium workspace to a new server to ensure optimal performance. Please wait a moment while we move your workspace. It will be just as you left it.” This message has persisted for 2 days now. I am unable to clone the workspace to access a copy, as I receive the error message “Can’t clone workspaces in state 21”.

And to top this all off, the premium support is down, as I receive this error when trying to load the chat: “Something’s wrong. We’re unable to load the messenger.”

I have tried clearing my cookies, working in incognito, etc. Nothing seems to work.
Help please!


Encountered the same issue i.e. stuck with “we’re migrating your premium workspace to a new server to ensure optimal performance." last week.

Then lost my files.

Still waiting for Customer Support to reply my follow-up questions.

It is almost coming to a week now since the issue occurred.


Good news: the premium support button on Cloud 9 was restored this morning, which now links to an email address of A support rep replied to my email within a couple hours and has restarted my workspace, so I now have access. Hopefully they do the same for you too