Workspace size is reporting inaccurately


We ran this disk usage command line tool in both the root ~/ folder and in the ~/workspace folder.

du -a -h --max-depth=1 | sort -hr
  • The root folder is reporting 671M in use, of which 249M is in use in the workspace. However the workspace size reporter is showing a useage of 1017M/1024.

  • We have re-cloned the repo every time this happens, but inevitably after a few days of use, the disk will fill up again for what seems to be no reason.

  • Our usual go-to to resolve this issue is to delete and re-clone the box… then slowly watch it fill up again as we work. We suspect it may have something to do with a cache somewhere that is responsible for version controlling. Our app generates a great deal of files (most of which are deleted after creation) so if these temporary files are being cached somewhere it may account for some of the lost memory?





Because a lot of OS files are already included in your container, they won’t count against your quota unless you change them. So du can report some inaccuracies outside of your home directory. But if you apt-get install lots of packages they will count towards the usage. There is actually a tool du-c9 included in the workspace that queries one of our APIs and returns the size of all files in your workspace that aren’t a part of the image, you can read more about it here:

You also have a premium account, so you could just increase the size of your workspaces to have more disk.

Assuming you are talking about the workspace I think you are; you have a 365MB ‘ubuntu’ folder in /tmp, which sounds like it accounts for the remaining space. you can see this with du-c9 | sort -hr | less


We found the culprits in /tmp/ubuntu/bower.

They are being put there whenever we use bower. Bizarre, but fixed!

Thanks Justin.