Workspace prompt has suddenly changed ... ?!



After no problems for the past few weeks, I logged into my python workspace today and:

  • saw a very strange bash prompt (much longer than my usual default; displays owner, workspace, and more)
  • no detection of git branch (git still works, and git status displays the active branch)

the prompt still updates as expected when I switch between venvs to display the context.
no other issues observed; code still runs fine. Just inconvenient, and concerning that things are changing underfoot like this.

Q: Has anyone else noticed this type of change?
Q: Any idea why?
Q: Any suggestions as to how to easily reset to default? Esp for git.

Thanks in advance,


If this is still persisting, please send an email to us at with any affected workspaces. Is this affecting all of your workspaces or just one, as well?