Workspace Loading Loop



My workspace currently isn’t loading; I left it alone for about an hour originally and now it’s just stuck with the spinning icon. I think a few people have experienced similar difficulties.

EDIT: This seems to be happening for all of my workspaces, but I only really care about my sandbox at the moment.
EDIT: This is only happening in firefox TMK; I’ve been having to use chromium to access my workspaces.

EDIT: I found the issue; the browser has to have the attribute ‘network.http.sendSecureXSiteReferrer’ enabled, which informs the server of the page that the page that the user came from in order to get to the website. Considering that this is a bit of a privacy leak for other webpages and I don’t know how to edit on a session-by-session basis, I would appreciate it if the ‘c9’ team here could find a workaround to this issue that doesn’t use this browser attribute.


I have this problem too it just loading but not responding


Same here, getting a 502 - Bad Gateway.

[Netherlands - Europe]


Same here in London!


It’s tough to tell if these are workspace specific or from an ongoing issue that has since been fixed. If this is still going on for you then either post your workspace name here or email it to