Workspace keeps migrating and reloading


Hi - love C9 but in the last few days I’ve experienced a much higher frequency of migrations which restarts my terminal sessions and is a general pain. Any ideas why this is going on - I never had any issues until this week and I’m sure the problem is not my connection.


What’s your cloud9 username and workspace name?


Hi Tim - I messaged you my username and the relevant workspace name. Thanks.


Any update on this? It continues to happen and I won’t be renewing my subscription if this problem continues.


Sorry I didn’t realize you’d responded to the thread. I’m restoring your workspace now.

I didn’t realize you were a premium user either. As a premium user you can get premium support at We sometimes miss threads on the community forums and unfortunately don’t have enough time to monitor it all day so you’ll get much faster support that way.


Ok all fixed. Sorry about the issues.


Thanks Tim - looks like it’s stuck in hibernation again. It was fixed for
a while