Workspace issues when toggling/maximising console



Hi all, I’m trying to maximise my console, which works the first time, but when I then un-maximise, it disappears completely, and maximising again only overlays a small band at the top of the workspace. Subsequent toggling displays the console at the top of the workspace, but at the same size of the non-maximised console. I appreciate this may not make much sense, so I’ve recorded a short video:

I’ve tested on a Chromebook (don’t have browser version to hand), and a Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit desktop running Chromium (57.0.2987.98) and Firefox (53.0), with similar results in all.


thanks for telling us about this regression, i am working on a fix for it now.


No worries, Harutyun. How’s the fix going? :slight_smile:


it is deployed now, do you still see that issue?


Nope, just tried and it works as expected. Thanks for your help!