Workspace is in resizing loop



I’m having problem.
One of my workspace does’t finish resizing.
Please someone help me and fix it.

workspace: to-space

Thanks in advance,



Same problem here, my workspace is “resizing” since friday.

I tried cloning workspace but it does’nt work: “Can’t clone workspaces in state 31”

workspace: wdb-2


Same issue with me. Been 5 days now and c9 support has ignored my emails completely. Really frustrating.


Yes, very frustrating. Several thread now with the same problem, people unable to access their workspace since last week and no response from support…


Oh, if I only checked this thread before resizing. The days of my work are locked in ever-resizing box. Hopefully someone will help. Please!


I sent an imail to support with the URL of my workspace witch they restarted and it’s working now.

If you need to resize, I would clone it before.


Even I am struck with the same issue. I just sent email to support.