Workspace/IDE is not loading



My workspace in the url
is not loading. its stuck on the loading loop. unable to restart also


One of the workspaces is also not loading.


I’m having the same problem here. It’s totally stuck in the “archiving your workspace” here.


Had the same problem. Stuck for more than 8 hours. Regain access but lost my files! Only my older files exist. Waiting for resolution.


Here I am not able to access my workspace yet. :frowning:


its working now. not too much of data lost. thank god


This means you didn’t managed to recover all your data?


More than 48 hours since the issue started and the workspace is not loading yet.

Thinking seriously about deleting that workspace and creating a new…But afraid of coming across another bug in the process.

Where’s the c9’s staff do see what’s happening? It’s all the premium workspaces working successfully? There are no messages about that issue even on - even with these multiple cases.


could not recover the file i was working on


One of my workspaces is also not opening. It gets stuck on 95% “Restoring data from hibernation”.
It has not worked for several days.


I was able to eventually get into the workspace after deleting all my cookies etc in my browser (Chrome Version 60.0.3112.113). However, the workspace disk was more than 2x its allocated space (showed it had ~4.5 GB when it’s only a 2GB workspace).

Even after removing all files and uninstalling all nondefault python packages it was still over the limit.
du (disk usage command) showed there was over 3.5 GB use by ‘none’ in the current directory.

I wasn’t sure what could be causing that as no apparent processes were running and I removed all the files. It should’ve been like a new workspace. Maybe I was missing something.

I just deleted the workspace and decided to start over as there wasn’t much going on in the way of customization for that workspace.

Sorry not a real solution, but perhaps an issue for others.


I’m having the same problem here. It’s totally stuck in the “resizing landing page” .


I’m also stuck in the “Archiving your workspace” phase, and this has been ongoing for at least 48hrs at this point. Clearing my cookies didn’t fix the issue. Any other suggestions?


You might want to take note of when it actually occurred.

Might be useful for deciding which restoration point to use later.


I’m getting this as well.