Workspace hibernation and processes stop


I appreciate that cloud 9 (non-premium) is not intended to be always-on, and that is completely understandable. But just at the moment, my workspace seems to be more off than on. Has there been a change recently in terms of how frequently non-premium workspaces are hibernated, or is it specific to my own workspace? For example, I was in the workspace around 4 hours ago, then came out. Now I go back in to find it already needs to be de-hibernated, and the associated node server that I use to test with has of course stopped too.


The applications such as your node server should be shutting down a few hours after you were last logged in. But it shouldn’t have to restore the workspace, it should just be like you pressed reset on the workspace.

The exact stop and hibernation times are listed here:

Are you seeing the loading screen saying it is restoring your workspace after 4 hours? Or just your applications have stopped running?


I often seem to be getting a message when starting up the workspace… seems like a couple of times a day but I’ll try to time it properly. Usually it’s a short-ish duration, not like the hibernation wakeup progress bar that can seem to take an age sometimes. Has the policy changed recently, because certainly the node server seems to be stopped far sooner than it used to be. It’s slightly irritating, given then it’s handy to have the development node server up (even if not doing much) for testing at intervals throughout the day, but I suppose that I can’t complain… I appreciate the excellent IDE regardless of that :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, the change was fairly recent. It gives us more CPU and memory to allocate to premium users and people who are actively there as opposed to people who have left their app running for a few days.


OK, thanks for the confirmation. Completely understand the need to prioritise resources for premium users. Otherwise you guys don’t get paid :slightly_smiling: Thanks again.