Workspace got locked


Has anyone got this problem that workspace gets locked up and receive erro
r Command failed: /mnt/shared/sbin/tmux -C -u2 -L cloud92.2 new -s output-defaultApache-w-12-wPHP bash -l -c ‘trap ‘’‘printf “\e[01;30m\n\nProcess exited with code: $?\e[0m\n”’’’ EXIT printf ‘’’\033[1mStarting Apache httpd, serving \033[01;34mhttps://xxxxx/\033[00m.\033[m ‘’’ ; export XDEBUG_CONFIG=’’‘xdebug.remote_enable=1 idekey=cloud9ide remote_host=localhost remote_port=9000 remote_mode=req’’’; “run-apache2” ’ ; set -q -g status off ; set -q destroy-unattached off ; set -q mouse-select-pane on ; set -q set-titles on ; set -q quiet on ; set -q -g prefix C-b ; set -q -g default-terminal xterm-256color ; setw -q -g xterm-keys on ; set -q remain-on-exit on ; setw -q -g aggressive-resize on ; list-panes -F c9-pid#{pane_pid}- ; detach can’t create socket: Permission denied”
We managaed to lock our workspace by using all disk space(probably ahve huge log files). And even after resizing workspace is locked.
We are developing company and locked workspace is serious problem for us.

Also I have to say still I dont understand why team accounts which are more expensive than premium accounts, don’t have premium support. With premium support lots of big problems like this could be solved much faster.
And the system to write to support email takes so long.