Workspace full from files synced by Dropbox


I have connected my Dropbox to my C9 workspace in order to get live sync of my files with my local desktop computer. Huge mistake. When you do this, you are supposed to use the terminal to individually unsync folders from your Dropbox. Unfortunately, some automatically created folders on my Dropbox (“Chargement Appareil Photo”) contain spaces (which do not work well in command line instructions apparently), and I was not able to unsync them before they started filling my disk space with pictures and files unrelated with my project. Is there any way to prevent this?


Sounds like you were using this blog post to make this happen, which is great. It’s worth noting that this was meant as a guide and a baseline for utilizing local/Dropbox syncing and to be modified according to your needs.

In your case, you might try using this with a new Dropbox account that doesn’t have anything else synced on it so it doesn’t fill your workspace. You also might look into using the exclude command.


Thank you Brady for your reply !

I have tried to use the “exclude” command, but I cant get it to work with folders that have spaces in their filenames. And I can’t get rid of these folders since some are created automatically. I also cannot use another Dropbox account, since only one account is allowed per computer.


@vlarondelle I’m able to exclude folders with spaces in their filename, e.g.,

~/bin/ exclude add ~/Dropbox/some\ folder/

Initially, I needed to exclude all but one of my dropbox folders, so I used a command of the form

~/bin/ exclude add $(ls ~/Dropbox | grep -v pattern)

That didn’t work for folders with a space in their name though, so I just excluded those manually.


You can encase folders with spaces in quotes and that works just as well.

~/bin/ exclude add ~/Dropbox/"some folder"/