Workspace frozen


I was trying to run the node module http-server. I navigated to my project directory and ran http-server. Two links were shown, but when I clicked them, their was no application running. So I clicked the RUN button at the top of my cloud9 workspace and everything froze.

I shut everything down and reopened cloud9, but it reopens my workspace at the same point it was frozen so nothing shows up or loads on the page properly, just empty tabs, and I get a dialog box asking me if I want to kill the page because it is taking too long to load. I’ve restarted several times, but keep having the same problem. Is there anyway to load the workspace so it does not remember the last thing I clicked? I have a lot of files in this workspace that I do not want to lose. Your help is appreciated! Screenshots are attached.


I face the same problem as you, in my case, my workspace was working very nice, but suddenly it becomes frozen!! not frozen like yours, it remains in the state of loading! look at this screenshot I don’t know what to do!