Workspace Error. Unable to access workspace. SSH died with exit code 255


Workspace error
Unable to access workspace.
SSH died with exit code 255.
I am working on a private workspace which was provided by client.

I would like to post few questions, Please reply any piece of information or hint is appreciated.

  1. Do cloud9 restarts the private workspaces which are configured with SSH ? if so How frequently the restarts happen.
  2. I am unable to see stats on the right side top corner of my workspace ,which has the option to restart.Is there any other way to restart my workspace.

Thanks in advance.



Are you asking about a hosted workspace or ssh workspace?
Cloud9 can restart only hosted workspaces, for ssh workspaces, if ssh server doesn’t work, cloud9 can’t do anything. You’ll need to contact the hosting provider.


It is a SSH based workspace and private.
Actually I have killed all the server processes through C9(Active server processes), which caused the issue.
Will it be solved if we restart the workspace?


Most likely yes, because the ssh server usually starts on startup.


Exactly I could see this, When I try to access my workspace.

Thank you so much for replying. :slight_smile: