Workspace Error. Unable to access workspace. Exit code 1


I’m getting this error
Unable to access your workspace

ssh process died with exit code 1


Me too! Exact the same error. But not on all my workspaces, and I was able to clone the workspace that gives me the error.r


OK, and now the cloned workspace is giving this error too?


Yeah me too @lwnhp . I’m not getting it in every workspace.

Other peculiarity is that memory, cpu and disk are full

And the name of the workspace has the same prefix as other of my workspace with the difference of a number at the end of the name.

Another thing I realized when I created the workspace was that since the beginning with just one PHP App it has the half of the memory used.

By the way, It was working about 12 hours ago.


Getting this as well. Only seems to be happening on the last workspace I had open.


And now its working. :relieved:


Me too … thnx C9! cheers!


Its working! Thanks.