Workspace downloads not working (really slow)



I have been using cloud9 for a python university project for quite som time now and it worked really well. Yesterday, all of the sudden, when I tried to download a few files to my local machine, the download speed turned insanely slow (around 10 to 20 kByte/s).
Restarting the workspace did not help.
Uploads work just fine.

I tried to reproduce the error on a new workspace. A clean workspace works fine and I can download small files. It turned out that as soon as I try to download a single or multiple files with a total file size bigger than a few 100 kBytes, the download speed drops to the said 10 to 20 KByte/s.
This is weird because as to a few days ago I was able to download files of any size rather quickly.

Now I basically don’t have access to any of my files anymore, as I can not download them to my local machine.

I am really frustrated by C9 by now, so any help would be highly appreciated.