Workspace disconnects while open


While I was working (happily) in my workspace topic-mqtt, the workspace disconnected and since then, its disconnected. This means I can see the open tabs in the UI but all file content and all commandline prompts are empty (with the spinner icon indicating a load operation).

What can I do to get back to work?


Mine too, ¿seems that there is a problem?

Failed to send metrics Error: VFS not connected.(…)callback @ workspace-default.js:1362doSendMetrics @ workspace-default.js:1363(anonymous function) @ workspace-default.js:1326wrapped @ workspace-default.js:140EventEmitter.emit @ workspace-default.js:128sticky @ workspace-default.js:25225handleTimeout @ workspace-default.js:1146wrapped @ workspace-default.js:4363

I’m still able to connect to the second “backend” workspace.


Same issue here: "Failed to send metrics Error: VFS not connected."
Was suddenly unable to save and connect.
Issue started some 20min before this thread was made.
Am still able to connect to other workspaces tho.


@Yaakov_Belch just checked yours and it looks good now.

@smartive backend is up so not sure if this has come up recently or if there’s an issue with connecting to it.

@mikstar your workspace was stuck so I’m running a script to unstuck it…and it looks like it’s good now.


In my case the problem is at , not at backend workspace that runs perfectly.

Edit, I don’t know if someone touched the workspace, but now runs fine.

Thank You!


@bradydowling: I removed the workspace that was stuck and created a new one from the same repository — just loosing half an hour of work.

Yet the new workspace is still much less stable than c9 used to be: It frequently reconnects and is sometimes not responsive.

I am sure you are keeping an eye on the stability of your severs. Keep the good work up.


I am also having the same problem.
my username is shivanshgupta