Workspace crashes, reopens, crashes again




I’m working in a Node.js workspace, Express, Mongoose, also running MongoDB. Routinely working in in my app.js file while entering a route typically, my workspace crashes. Can’t find a rhyme or reason other than it typically happens when creating an Express function like;

app.get("/login", function(req, res){

screen cap
Google Chrome | Version 62.0.3202.62 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Attached a screencap and photo my operating system. I have cleared cache, cookies, gone incognito, restarted the Mongo and Node servers, restarted the computer. Next I’m going to try putting my computer in the microwave to see if that help :expressionless:



This is happening on my workspaces too. Lame


Yes. It’s impossible to work. Every time I define function workspace crashes.


Are you able to post a screenshot/video of the DevTools console?


Same problem here. Not been able to capture the console


I’m getting the exact same issue.


I too experienced this last night.


Sure - here is the console. Not so helpful.


Thanks for posting about this.

Are you able to replicate the problem in other browsers?