Workspace crashed, can't restart



I can log into my workspace, but it’s stuck trying to load my files/folders.

It previously had crashed using google chrome, so I had to kill the web page. Ever since trying to reload, I’ve been stuck loading the folders for 30 minutes now. I’m not able to restart the workspace, and I cannot clone it.

Not sure if there is a way to do a hard reset?




same here… is there scheduled maintenance ?


Same here. Stuck on loading screen for ages!


same here

Could not restart workspace

An error occurred restarting this workspace: Workspace restart failed


When reporting workspace issues please tell the url of the workspace in question.


Yep mine is dead as well… anyway to restart the workspace outside of the IDE?


Hi, I have the same problem.


All workspaces mentioned should now be fixed, as well as the underlying problem that caused these. If this resurfaces, please open a new thread.

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