Work won't save due to connection timeout


I was having a little trouble yesterday with my files not saving due to a connection timeout. Today it is far worse. I have been trying for 1 hour and 30 min minutes to save a file. I only succeeded in saving one time today. Right now I’m copying and pasting my changes somewhere else so I can save them in the future, but I have a deadline so the future needs to come soon.

I asked my co-worker to leave my workspace and that finally allowed me to save. I’d still like to know why it has been happening the past two days. Nothing has changed. I still work in the same place. And I was having trouble saving before my co-worker entered my workspace.


Are you still running into issues, and if you are, are you only running into them with your coworker connected?


Right now it saves okay, but I haven’t tried saving with a co-worker in my workspace since last time. Generally, my co-workers don’t use my workspace. I may ask today if one could pop in just to check if there are still save issues.