Wordpress with Sass & Compass - Compile Issues



I cannot seem to figure out how to compile my .scss for my Wordpress site. I’ve got wordpress, sass and compass installed on my workspace, and in my wp-content/themes/mytheme folder I’ve got my config.rb. This is my first time trying to use Cloud 9 to develop a wordpress site. In the past I’ve used the setup below for config.rb without any issues. But now, every time I attempt to compile my sass.scss i get “Individual stylesheets must be in the sass directory.” Since this is a wordpress site, I need my stylesheet to be outside the /sass folder and inside the root of my theme. I can tell something is simply not setup correctly, but I’m not sure what else to do at this point.

http_path = "/" #root level target path
css_dir = "." #targets our default style.css file at the root level of our theme
sass_dir = "sass" #targets our sass directory
images_dir = "images" #targets our pre existing image directory
javascripts_dir = "js" #targets our JavaScript directory
relative_assets = true

Can someone lend a hand to help get me on the right track?

My file structure:

  • /themes

My terminal:

kwhitfield:~/workspace/wp-content/themes/mytheme $ compass compile /sass
Individual stylesheets must be in the sass directory.