Wordpress hybrid client (wphc) cannot be reached in browser


Has someone succeeded in setting up wphc (https://github.com/wordpress-clients/hybrid) in cloud9.

The setup proces is straightforward (https://wordpress-clients.gitbooks.io/pwa-hybrid/) and works perfectly on a local machine.

On cloud9 everything seems to work but the server cannot be reached from the browser.

Hope someone knows the solution.



Are you using c9.io or AWS Cloud9? If c9.io, you’ll need to find in the documentation how to set the port to 8080 instead of the default of 8100, since Cloud9 only provides ports 8080 to 8082 for use. If you’re on AWS Cloud9, you’ll want to read up on Security Groups, since most ports are closed by default. You can open 8100/tcp by editing the security group of the EC2 instance your workspace is running on.