WordPress does not send email from contact form



I was testing Contact form 7 use in WordPress. I know how it should run because I have used it before in other web hotel. I was just testing it because tomorrow my students will study how to define and use it.

Well, I have not got any email.

Is it the way that c9.io does not send any emails from WordPress application?

Should I do something extra to send email.


Please see:


I read the posts in the link ‘Send email from my app’. It is just like I thought: I have to do some extra definitions. I did not understand what and where. It would be nice if someone could just write the instructions:

  1. open this file
  2. find this row
  3. replace this text with this text

    Thank you!

I have to say to my students that sending email from wordpress in this server is not possible.


You can sign up to Mandrill (you can sign up for free) and use the wpmandrill plugin to make all your emails send via mandrill instead of using SMTP. Then it should work.


See this page

It is not free of charge but requires paid monthly MailChimp accounts.

Any other suggestions how to show to students a contact form in use and working in WordPress?


Ah damn, that sucks. You could try Sendgrid. It has a wordpress plugin too: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-sendgrid/.


Thanks, I shall try this.