WordPress and custom tables


Hi all,
I am a student building a website using wordpress and cloud 9. I have just tried to create a table on the site using wpdb while I experiment with a CRUD plugin. I suspect I have not connected that table to a server properly as when I list the information I thought I had added using the add new page, nothing is listed. So in the list page code there is this bit of code:

I have no information in the URI part of the plugin theme heading. I have no idea what my uri could be. But this bit of code, I think directs the input to the server for the table. So my question is, what should I put here. Does cloud9 have a sever address where wordpress tables are saved? Is this a cloud9 problem, a wordpress problem, or is there the read chance a typo somewhere is stopping this from happening. At the moment, when I add input to the form and press submit, it says it has been submitted, but where, and why doesn’t it list when I call up a list of bookings? Perhaps a typo there somwhere too. But first, I need to know the server address that the table should be located on, as the plugin automatically creates the table when started.