Windows and OS X workspaces



I usually develop on my Linux Ubuntu machine. Occasionally, I want to test things in Windows or OS X. I’d be willing to pay for having Cloud9 workspaces running in Windows or OS X.

Note: this is for desktop apps.


For testing purposes, you can simply use the Sauce Labs integration.

Update: The Sauce Labs integration has been deprecated for security reasons.


I want to develop and test my applications in Windows and OS X.

The video you provide talks about testing in various browsers.


Perhaps the video wasn’t comprehensive enough but it allows for testing in different browsers on different OS’s so you can choose Firefox on OSX Lion or OSX Leopard. When you do testing this way you get to choose:

  1. The browser
  2. The OS that browser runs on (this is the key here)

Will that do the trick or perhaps I’m missing something?


I’m not talking about web applications, but traditional (desktop) applications. Most of my code isn’t going anywhwere near web browsers.

Perhaps I’m missing something about Cloud9.


Now I see, that makes this all much more clear. Thank you for clarifying :ok_hand:

Could you make a note in the OP about testing desktop apps?