Will we ever get a dark modern theme?


I love the design of the flat, light, ui. However, I hate using white development environments. Our team would really love an environment that has the same visual appeal, but with a dark color scheme.


You can change the themes and I’m using the Dark Vibrant Ink Theme. I’m not sure which one you are referring to as “flat, light, ui” but there are 17 dark themes I counted just now. In the IDE you can find them by going to the View Tab:

View -> Themes -> Pick a theme

Hovering over the themes shows a preview. Hopefully that’s what you are looking for.


Go to Preferences > Themes > You’ll see what I’m talking about. You can’t have a flat dark theme. Only a flat light theme.


Several of the themes are dark, trust me.


Read my previous reply.


No, not Preferences, open the View menu


I’m talking about the UI theme. NOT the development panel theme. Go look under preferences and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Then please be clear. If that’s the problem, yes, there is no theme for that. If you really want it, look for and edit your stylesheet or find someone who has.


There are 2 dark themes for the UI, I’m using the Dark Theme on the left which is highlighted.

If neither of these 2 are the perfect shade of dark you can edit the C9 stylesheet from the green link above it and adjust any colors or fonts.


Just to mention it :
Go to Settings > Experimental and there you can enable Flat Dark Theme under UI.
Then refresh you IDE, and you can select the Flat Dark Theme from flat themes

Note this is experimental and things might break. However, it’s the best way to encourage Cloud9 team to improve it and to release it bugfree in a near future for everyone and not just behind an experimental flag.


Nice. Got it to show up…but why the excess padding? I really like this over the default, bubbly theme, except the tabs are awkwardly shaped and the extra padding. They should just flatten the default theme, replace graphics and leave it alone.


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