Why my apache server is unstable?



Hi all,

From today morning ( 25-08-2016 approx 1PM IST ) my work-space apache server looks very unstable. There is no problem accessing phpmyadmin or editor. When I’m staring apahe no error at all. My server also runs node instance on 8082 port.

Problem is lot of random url getting 503 or 404 error every time. The list of the url gets this error are completely randon every time. I’m trying to attach the screen of the problem.

Work space Url : https://emsnew-a1ft.c9users.io/


Thanks for reporting this, seems to be some kind of glitch with our proxy servers. I’m investigating now and I’ll let you know when I have more information on what’s happening and hopefully have a fix.

Regards, Tim


I can’t seem to reproduce this issue. Are you still seeing it happen? Also does it happen for a long time or just a few minutes?


Thanks @timjrobinson for replying.

The issue is still present, even now sometime it is getting “No workspace is running” and sometime it opens up 8082 ports node output. Please check the bellow images, hope you’ll be able to reproduce it now.

Here is apache log for all these requests : http://pastebin.com/50T7QnTr



Thanks for all the information you provided. I tracked this down to a bug with our proxy server that made it on occasion send requests to the wrong port when multiple apps were being run on multiple ports at the same time. This is probably what caused these issues for your application. I’ve just deployed a fix for this now. So everything should be working again, please let me know if you encounter this issue again.

Regards, Tim


Issue solved, Thanks a lot. :relaxed: