Why money has been debited from Credit Card?


I provided my Credit Card detail to create the account on c9, but not for transactions.
Some amount has been debited from my credit card.

also I was trying to create workspace for salesforce org. But as a user from team already created workpsace for that username, it is not allowing me to do so.

Why ?
You are doing fraud.


When you create an account, in order to verify the authenticity of your credit card, our payment provider makes a charge of either $0 or $1. When this successfully goes through, it will either be refunded or erased altogether. Check up on your account a day or two later and you should see the changes reflected.


Sorry, But it debited from Virtual card, and not yet reflected back in card transactions.


Hmm you do not seem to even be sure as to how much you guys are charging as a one off charge on a free account. How can the level of trust be maintained?


Did you ever get a refund?


Not yet. Now I can’t track more. also this id seems not to be useful. for a single user only one person can create project.


Well that would fall into the team subscriptions buddy. For that you would really need to pay a monthly fee. No issues especially if you are getting good use of it and are using it for commercial projects.