Why is my workspace read-only?


A workspace is read-only for users that don’t have access to premium resources anymore (aren’t paying, cancelled plan, etc). This allows us to restrict access to users without having to delete code, that way everyone’s code can stay safe even if they’re not premium :thumbsup:

So what are some potential causes for the issue you’re seeing?

Your workspace is in Read-Only mode because your account has ran out of quota
  1. Your plan did not change - There was a period of time where we were (incorrectly) not counting resources for resource-based plans. In these instances, users were only limited by the maximum number of premium workspaces they were allotted. This has since been fixed and now users are correctly limited by the RAM and disk quota they pay for. (See Legacy Plan Resource Allotment for full details on how this works)
    This inconsistency in resource counting has caused confusion and resulted in some workspaces now being read-only. If you think this is the case for you, please contact us via premium support at https://c9.io/support and we can give you a day trial on the unlimited plan so you can get back within your resource limits.
  2. Your plan did change - You were on a paid plan that gave you access to premium resources. Now you’re on the free plan or another plan that doesn’t give you the same resources. Until you upgrade your plan, you won’t be able to actively work in these workspaces.
  3. Your credit card changed/expired - If your credit card has expired and can no longer be properly charged, you’ll need to update your information before you can access your premium workspaces again.
  4. You are not logged in (to the account that owns the workspace) - If you access your workspace without being logged in to C9, it will be read-only to you, just as it would be for a stranger. To be sure, you’ll want to see your name and maybe avatar on the workspaces home page. If you’re not recognized as you, you’ll need to log in to the account that owns that workspace.

Many users coming from the legacy “Micro” plan will see scenario 1 mentioned above. In this case, keep in mind that your plan has 1GB of total RAM so you’ll either have to have one private workspace with 1GB of RAM or you may have 2 private workspaces, each with 512GB of RAM. The same type of distribution will be true of the disk space you’re given (10GB on the micro plan)

The old resource-based plans can be quite tricky and that is why we came out with the current unlimited plan.