Why console shows inner ip when start running cloud9?


I’m running cloud9 on my own server. I use command node c9sdk/server.js --listen --port 80 -a aa:aaa -w ~ but the console info shows inner ip In the meantime I could visit ide via outer ip. When I running it on another server with the same command it shows correct outer ip. So is this a bug?

root@ddd:~# node c9sdk/server.js --listen --port 80 -a aa:aaa -w ~
Starting standalone
Connect server listening at
Using basic authentication
CDN: version standalone initialized /root/c9sdk/build
Started '/root/c9sdk/configs/standalone' with config 'standalone'!
Cloud9 is up and running


cloud9 uses code at https://github.com/c9/core/blob/106832d/node_modules/connect-architect/connect/connect-plugin.js#L220 to find the ip, is your public ip in the list of addresses that are not printed to console?