Why c9.io site Login failed?


my login information is correct, But the login page will stop.
Why this happen to me?


i have the same question


This is often an issue with an extension you have installed or some other local browser issue. To troubleshoot this, you can open up your browser console and see what errors or messages show there. You could also try this in a private/incognito window where you have no extensions installed.


why is the error?

GET api.c9.io/user?access_token=9cjX34CxsGfZHESUhkhq:1
https://api.c9.io/user?access_token=9cjX34CxsGfZHESUhkhq 401 (Unauthorized)

profile.js:856 Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded


this can happen if referrer headers are disabled, some privacy/addblock extensions do that.