Why am I asked for credit card details a second time?


Just signed up as a teacher so I can use c9 with my students.
I had to jump through several hoops first involving signing up in front of the lady with the school credit card.

Now when I go to look at my sign in page, down the bottom on the left it says
Your individual subscription - Free
How come it does not say Education?
How come if I try to change it to Education, it asks for credit card details all over again?
If I get an appointment with the lady with the credit card and ask her to enter the details again, she will want to know why. She will want to know if my school will get charged twice a month instead of once a month.
Can someone please help me?


Brady Dowling

Mutahhir Hayat

I’m hoping that putting your name in with the @ will help bring this to your attention.
I hope that one of you will be able to help me with my query.


Sounds like this is a bug. If you check your account information and you can see a credit card stored there then you should not be asked for your credit card info again.


When I log in, if i click on the gear at the top right,
then click on Billing on the left,
I can see the first and last part of my credit card number, the expiration date and the name on the card.
I can also see:
Your Cloud9 subscription
FreeFree / Forever

If I click on Upgrade Now, I get a screen which tells me that my current plan is Free forever.
If I then click on Education Add this plan, I get asked to enter my Team name
(I can’t find anything that explains what to do for that so I guess)
When I put in a Team name and click continue, it takes me to step 2 which is Payment and it asks for credit card details.

If this is a bug, then can c9 do anything to fix this for me?


It looks like this is actually desired behavior. When you are asked for your credit card number here, it helps confirm your ownership of the card, just like you’d see sometimes when you make additional purchases on a site like Amazon.