Who can push to repo on a team project? (using Cloudforge instead of Github)



This is fairly new to me. I hope to come to an understanding how team account works when dealing with pulls/pushes from multiple teammates. Our team has already setup an empty repo on Cloudforge, and some minimal work has been done on a team workspace. I am a team member and am NOT the creator of the workspace, nor the creator of the repo on Cloudforge.

I get “fatal: Could not read from remote repository.” error, I don’t have enough knowledge to even start guessing why I am getting this.

I roughly referenced this document: http://lepidllama.net/blog/how-to-push-an-existing-cloud9-project-to-github/
and https://help.cloudforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/215242943-Using-GIT-in-CloudForge-via-command-line (followed SSH method) so far.

So I am starting to wonder who can exactly push on a team workspace? Is there a “team SSH key” or is that not how it works? Right now, git config --global user.email and name return that of the creator, not me. Does this matter?

It is also possible I made a syntax error in the url. This is what I tried to use:
git_[projectName]@[projectName].git.cloudforge.com:[my cloudforge username]/[repo].git