White bar in syntax theme



Hi There!

I’ve had a few issues trying to import a textmate theme. I wanted the predawn theme I use in sublime.

I went through the whole ace theme tool thing and ended up with a css file. I couldn’t figure out how to import it to Cloud9 though (the online one, at c9.io).

In the end I sorta hacked my way through it. I imported the tmTheme as idle-fingers and just overwrote it in my style sheet, but now there’s a white line (I think it might be called the gutter?)

How would I go about changing the colour to something less bright?

Thanks in advance!



the white line is the print margin, you can add a style for it similar to https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/blob/master/lib/ace/theme/tomorrow.css#L6-L9
did you import this from https://github.com/jamiewilson/predawn/blob/master/predawn.sublime-theme or something else?


Hi Harutyun,

Thanks for the quick response!

I just copied https://github.com/jamiewilson/predawn/blob/master/predawn.tmTheme, and then did the import thing.
$ node ./tool/tmtheme.js idle-fingers tool/predawn.tmTheme ./

I have removed the print margin bit of the style sheet and now it reverts back to the idle fingers one, which is perfect! Everything is looking wonderful and soft. Thanks Harutyun!