Where I can see other peoples' public workspaces?


I see there is public and private workspace, but where I can find those public workspace?!


Public workspaces are viewable so long as you know someone’s Cloud9 username. You can view their public workspaces by going to https://c9.io/username. There is no directory to search for Cloud9 users.

All public workspaces will show on that dashboard. You can open public workspaces and view the code within them but you maybe not write to files, create files, or run terminal commands and a workspace you don’t own (or are not invited to). Private workspaces will not be shown on another user’s dashboard.


Great, but it seems not too much different between public or private; without directory view, I can’t find if someone is active (or what would be the most popular public working project on c9).

I wish there would be directory service for public explore.

Browsing public workspaces

This should be a FAQ. Because 1.5k views and Browsing public workspaces


Good point. Done :ballot_box_with_check:


I actually suggest there should be an machine explorer feature. Make it a media place to demo, dig the most popular containers, like what github has been done.