Where did the new design go?


Yesterday morning, I loaded up Cloud9 and was surprised and relieved to see that the interface had been updated to look 100 times better than the existing “flat” interface. The edges of tabs were cleaner, and tooltip boxes were actually readable. Now today, I loaded up and saw that the old flat view was back. Was this just a temporary test? Did I stumble on the new interface by accident? I want it back!


We have recently added https://github.com/jumbojett/c9.ide.theme.jett theme to the main configuration, but it should not have appeared on your workspace automatically.
You can turn it on from “themes” section preferences panel


Oh wow, I somehow missed that. I thought it was just a basic color choice in that tab. The “Classic” dark one is the one I was after. I’d been on the flat theme this whole time and didn’t realize there were other options. I’m still confused how it randomly appeared for one session, but I’m glad it did! Thanks!