When Preview is enabled, will the page appear Search Engines results?


I am wondering if the preview option leads to appearing in search engines results.
As a project is most of the time, secret or private or uncomplete, I am concerned about this issue


For private workspaces the preview is not reachable by search engines (unless you explicitly make it available publicly via the share settings). For public workspaces the preview is reachable by search engines. If your workspace is public at the moment - simply go to the share settings in the IDE and change it to private. Make sure you have a premium account if you have more than 1 private workspace already.



How do I do to show a project to a customer, without being indexed in SE and without giving him the password of my account ?


One would protect it by including a robots.txt file in the source files or placing a meta tag in the header of your template and/or pages.


It’s not guaranteed but it can prevent most of them.


Ok, it’s an idea.

But as I spent months in developement, I would not dare to expose the stuff world wide.

I just thought, or hoped, Cloud9 had some sort of sub account that could allow a visitor to view a project without having acces to any command, code or information, the project remaining “not public”.

Maybe would it be worth suggesting it to Cloud9, this feature would, in my opinion, be very valuable : showing a project privatly to a customer, or prospect.


I just suggested this as a feature request in another thread.


Glad to read others thought about that too.
Hope they will hear us :+1: