What's wrong with my dashboard? Doh!


I have my dashboard bookmarked. Today when I loaded the dashboard it looked a little different.

Some workspaces were missing. I thought there was just an API call or something that failed so I reloaded the page. Nothing changed. I reloaded a few more times and opened the browser’s dev console. Nothing. Then I noticed the “Sign In” button. Apparently my session expired sometime between yesterday and this morning.

The current state leads to confusion. I imagine this is what caused No settings gear showing for workspace

I don’t know how to do this, but it would be nice if there were a more obvious indication that we aren’t signed in. Perhaps a different page (and view) for signed in vs public. It is kind of weird to see a user’s “public” dashboard. But in C9 I guess the dashboard is the profile.


Same problem here, it also took me some time to figure it out. With the avatar image top-left it looks a lot like I’m logged in to the site.


Hi guys,

I experience the same issue. It takes a few moments to refresh the dashboard. I even try to hard-refresh the screen (ctrl+f5). After a while an updated dashboard appears finally. It seems like it caches a very old version of the dashboard and retrieves the new one. Some delay. Maybe the latest version should alter the old one?



My sessions seem to be expiring every 24 hours which means I see the difficult-to-recognize login screen once a day. The session used to last A LOT longer than that.


Hi Justin,

We’ve refactored this session code a bit, as a side-effect, the session expiry is shorter then it used to be.
We will propably increase that value in our next iteration.


I have noticed that despite being logged out of the dashboard I can often still access my private repos. So I’m logged in somewhere, but just not the dasboard. A little weird.