What's this malicious website warning I'm getting about


So I’m seeing great promise in Cloud 9, but finding a lot of small gotchas. And sorry to say, the problems that are hitting me, must be hitting other users, so there should be more full instructions.

Anyway, I’m getting some messages like when I tried to look at a markdown file. Rather scares me.


Thanks for letting us know. We’ll contact Norton. It’s because we’ve had some malicious people sign up to Cloud9 to run Phishing pages from their workspace. We’ve banned every one of these users we’ve found and taken down their sites but unfortunately because all user content is hosted on the domain c9users.io Norton seems to have blocked the entire domain.


Thanks for the response.

Good service is getting a response.


c9users.io is the domain used for previewing user applications.
Occasionally some users try to create phishing sites on cloud9, serving a page similar to login page of a popular service.
Such subdomains are deleted, and users creating them are banned, but somewhy norton blocks the whole c9users.io domain.
Domains like preview.c9users.io -c9users.io are safe to access, since they only display content created by you.


Right, but it also provides this message

You cannot visit preview.c9users.io right now because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.

Any work around that I see, add too much travel


Was hoping this would be working, after a few hours.

If I’m a $19/ month paying member would this work, or would it be the same problems as I’m having on the free tier???

Both Preview and Run live are failing.

When I run the index.html in preview, I get the scary message. It doesn’t allow me to say, hey I’ll take the risk, let me it. It flat out prevents everything.

When I run the html, I get

Cause I was hoping to be a code workshop tonight, and had figured that I could use this. If I pay the premium membership rate, will you let this work?



It appears that on the school’s Wi-Fi some ports or something is locked down and won’t let Cloud 9 work. Bummer, but at least I can go get some Coffee and Wi-Fi on Valencia Street.

I teethered from my phone, and Cloud 9 worked. Went back to the school Wi-Fi, and it failed.

If you Cloud 9 technical people want to talk to the support people at City College of San Francisco, here is their info. I think they lock down certain ports to prevent people from torrenting and all.

Would becoming a premium paid member fix this type of problem?