What will be done about the symantec certificate (HTTPS) for workspaces when Google Chrome distrust Symantec?


Today I open one of my workspaces in cloud9 to work, then I saw a not nice message like this one:

The certificate used to load https://xxxxxxxx.c9users.io uses an SSL certificate that will be distrusted in an upcoming release of Chrome. Once distrusted, users will be prevented from loading this resource. See https://g.co/chrome/symantecpkicerts for more information.

So, followed the link (https://g.co/chrome/symantecpkicerts) and I saw that the certificate for our workspaces will not be trusted anymore since some of next version of Google Chrome (and another browsers I believe), so I would like to know what are the plans of Cloud9 about this?


This is something we’re in the process of implementing. No action should be required on your side.


There is a tool to test websites for Symantec Chrome compatibility here: https://www.linuxglobal.com/chrome-symantec-website-check/

Hopefully that helps if anyone else has sites to check.